Sermon Notes: A Spirit-filled Ministry

Spiritfilled Ministry – Tom Craig Sunday May 1st, 2005 – PM Luke 24:46-49 “But tarry ye here” – Are we doing the work of the spirit in the spirit or in the flesh?
What is the supernatural holy power?

  1. It is the means that I do the work of Christ
  2. It is the power by which Christ did His work (Luke ?)
  3. It is the means by which I do the witnessing for Christ Perform by the means of the Spirit. Acts 1

The power of the Holy Spirit is given

  1. when there is a great thirsting for it! We don’t feel parched and thirsty when we
  2. when there is a cleansing! The Lord left these men for 10 days which has been speculated that there was a great time of repentance among the disciples. We clean more for guest to enter our earthly house rather then the Holy Spirit to enter our spiritual house.
  3. when there is a complete surrender! God does not share our life, only controls it!

    It was once asked of D.L. Moody by a jealous young evangelist if he had a monopoly on the Holy Spirit. A wise old preacher replied “I don’t know if I have a monopoly on the Holy Spirit but I do know that the Holy Spirit has a monopoly on me.”

  4. when there is a asking! Be ye being filled! We become drunk with the spirit by being controlled by the spirit yesterday, today and tomorrow. Every minute of every day!

How did the Holy Spirit primarily affect the Apostles? Through Their tongue! – Acts 1:24-29

  1. It was manifested in their courage! Why don’t we witness? Because we are more concerned about ourselves then the commands that Christ has given us. We are scared!
    What is the difference in Peter between the beginning and the end of Acts 1?
  2. It was manifested in the convincing!
  3. It was manifested in the convicting!
  4. In was manifested in the converting!

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