Life with(out) a laptop . . .

I’ve not been posting recently and until this past week, I’ve not had a really good reason. From Sunday to Wed. my church had revival meetings with the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Association. They were really great and were a good reason I didn’t have time to post. But now I have a better reason for not posting . . . my laptop (Powerbook G4 500 Mhz) decided to retire.

I really didn’t realize how much I used it until Thursday afternoon it started acting really funny and crashing. Well, it froze up one last time that evening when I was trying to read my e-mail. I restarted the computer and well, it didn’t. The screen went black and well stayed black.

I tried to coax it to start-up several time and even got it to start once long enough to do a quick backup. But, alas, my poor laptop has died. After I performed an autopsy the cause of death seems to be a bad processor. The last time I got it to startup, it crashed again and then as if a final good-bye beeped five times and the constantly flashed the sleep light in intervals of 5 flashes (meaning a bad processor). I can’t complain, however, because it has been though much. It survived ~5 years, always on, through one car wreck, being carried by my when I was knocked off my pins by a car in the UT parking garage and having both it’s hinges broken when I tripped walking up the stairs.

The good news however, all my data is safe and sound and I am able to use a different computer to access it. Now, I just have to get my hands on this new laptop.

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