I’m sure you’ve heard the joke about the only way a Pastor can get his deacons in one accord is to drive them somewhere, but this is a little different.

Well, actually a lot different. Accordance is the Bible software I use to study the Bible on my (old) computer. It is incredible the way it has change and enhanced my Bible study. The ease of highlighting and leaving notes on a passage is unparalled with the extra benefits of a really easy way of looking at and searching through them my notes. Always having my highlighting list at hand keeps me up on what the different highlights mean and the nice multi formatted view allows me to see the commentaries on the current passage (screenshot)

Well, I said all that to point out a new Accordance blog I found with many helpful tips on making Accordance more useful . . . at least more useful when my “Bible” isn’t broken.

P.S. My new “Bible” is “supposed” to ship on the 17th. In the mean time, fortunately, I have the trusty old ink and paper version.

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