Uh, Hi . . .

Ok, so I didn’t mean to take a month to post this, but time sorta got away from me. 🙂

This is gonna have to be short, but one block down and two to go till the end of the semester. Last Friday I followed around my preceptor (Doctor in the community that I apprentice under) and It was really cool seeing an EKG, looking at X-Rays and a urine analysis, listening to hearts and taking vital signs. This week is the beginning of my second block which ends with block exams the first week of Nov.

Right now my schedule is crazy. If you want to see it, just take a look at my calendar 🙂 (and that is just my school calendar). I might be able to update a little more regularly now that I have internet access at home. If you see me online, you can message me anytime, just might not receive a response right away.

Oh, almost forgot . . . tomorrow we get to dissect the heart out of our cadaver (we named him Merrill)

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