5 weeks

What can happen in 5 weeks? In my case, I spent the last 5 weeks at Navy Officer Development School (ODS). It was very similar to the time I spent at Maxwell Air Force base when I was in Civil Air Patrol. I don’t know how to explain my time there other then a very regimented schedule with very little personal time built in. There was always something to do and if you were creative you could make some. I was able to fit in my 5 week a deep sea fishing trip, visiting the RI National Guard Air Show and visiting the Tall Ships in Newport. At the air show, I was taken to the VIP tent of the Blue Angels/Navy and had a great seat for the show. I’ll post some pics later and more info. But, I’m back if anyone wants to talk or e-mail, I can set my own schedule and I can wear a watch and use my cell phone anytime I want 🙂

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