Med School, the second year (Cont . . .)

It is incredible how much difference a year can make. I am enjoying medical school so much more then last year. Everything we are studying is clinically relevant. This past Wednesday we learned how to do a spinal tap. Every week there is so much cool stuff to learn. We studied Dermatology this week and the previous three weeks we mainly studied the respiratory system. Before that we studies rheumatology, cardiology and something else I can’t think of right at the moment. It has been really

interesting to say the least.

Every two weeks this year we have a test over the material from the last two weeks. We have comprehensive exams with one in the end of Nov. and the other in March before we take the first step of the USMLE. It was weird already scheduling the exam. Just one year ago I was like a deer staring into an oncoming headlights and now am registering to take the first step of the USMLE. One doctor told me before I started medical school that it is like a treadmill and that it doesn’t stop until You come out the other end as a MD.

One thing I’ve come to understand is how differently the same thing can look to two different people. I’ve heard the medical school is like trying to take a sip of water out of a fire-hydrant. I’ve also heard it equated to your favorite dessert except you have to eat 10 helpings at every meal. Well, I found a video on You Tube that illustrates the point really well. If you haven’t seen “Finding Nemo” then you might not understand. But this video takes a really nice children’s movie and makes it seem like an action packed thriller.

All I can say, is I can’t imagine being anywhere else right now. Right life is med school and med school is life. What an incredible life.

Second Year – M2

So, now that I’ve been in the second year for 2 months, life has gone from really busy to insane. All perception of time has vanished. World events have become none existent. About the only thing I’ve been keeping up on is sports, especially baseball. Can’t believe the Rockies have made it to the playoffs, let alone won the first 2 games. I had almost given up hope for Todd Helton to make the playoffs with the Rockies.

I’ll post more this weekend about school (Micro, Pharm, Neuro, Path & Pathophys), schedule and what it is like as a 2nd year medical student. I’ll have to say, though, it is much more interesting then my M1 year.