How Blessed am I

Often I find myself seeing life from only one perspective, one set of eyes, one viewpoint. It is so difficult to step back and see our lives through the eyes of others. To realize our lives are not everything we think of them. That our trials and tribulations are really not as bad as we might make them out when talking to someone else.

Driving back to Memphis this past weekend, I was struck with an odd sensation. One I’ve not experienced in a long time. I really saw my life from another’s viewpoint. All of the sudden I realized how many exciting adventures I’ve had over the last three years. I realized I’ve taken so much for granted. I’ve seen so many things, visited so many places and met so many new people but have never taken a step back to enjoying the journey.

Well, on my drive back last weekend I looked out my window across the barren fields. At the beautiful sunset and the majestic views only to think, “I’ve seen this before.” Yes, I’ve seen it many times, but not because of my several trips to Memphis. No, I’ve seen it in the opening scene of many movies as the main character rides a bus across this great country. Yes, I’ve seen it setting-up the main character’s big adventure over and over. All of the sudden I realized that I am that “main character” living that “big adventure.”

As those thoughts swept over me, I was very humbled to think of all those times I was jealous of other’s lives. To think of the impatience I’ve often felt when praying or studying or just plain dreaming. I wanted so much more even while in medical school, the greatest adventure of my life so far. Yes, I found myself covetous of others dissatisfied with my life.

I have written all this to say, all of us are blessed. We live in the best country in the world. We not only have life and breath but most importantly freedom. We have everything we need to live the greatest adventure of our lives if we only allow ourselves and recognize it. Yes, I’ve had an amazing 3.5 years so far and look forward to sharing many of the amazing experiences as I recount all the blessings poured on me in the upcoming year.. So stay tuned to read about the greatest adventures of my life.

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