I-40 Storm

Why is it when I don’t want it to snow, it does and when I would love for it to snow, it doesn’t.  Oh well :).  Today was an interesting day and nothing like I thought it would be at the beginning of the month.  I ended up leaving Memphis at 7 am and driving to Knoxville arriving at 2:30pm.  Not bad time considering I saw two wrecks on the way.  Yep, it was an interesting drive filled with ice, sleet and snow.

What I had planned was to wait for my exam at 10:00 am and then leave.  What a wonderful surprise when I found out school was canceled.  I was able to stay just ahead of the storm and get to Knoxville for the Wilderness Medical Elective starting this weekend.   I’ve been getting gear and am really excited it is finally starting.  My adventure for the month started a bit early with my drive back.  Below are photos I took from my trip back.  Yes, that is between 1/4 and 1/2 inch of ice coating the front of my car.

Enjoy the photos and keep reading for my month in the Smoky Mountains.

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