iPhone 4 Grip of Death?

So, I’ve had my iPhone 4 since the day before launch or July 23rd.  My initial thought was, “This is the way the iPhone was meant to be.”  Fast, able to task switch, really no need for me to jailbreak anymore.  Then there is the plus of great new hardware.  Or so I thought, at least until the “Grip of Death” came along and all the media controversy surrounding it.  After playing with three iPhone 4s since July 23rd and using it in every situation I would have in the past, it is better and has met all expectations I had coming from the iPhone 3G.  Yes, I can hold the phone in a certain way to make the signal drop.  But I have never dropped a call and, in fact, have 5 bars in places I used to always loose signal.  

There is one thing regarding iPhone 4 I’ve not heard discussed anywhere.  It is the one thing that makes me believe Apple that the problem is more a software issue then hardware.  Apple’s “real-world” testing process.  

We know from the infamous Gizmodo incident that Apple did a good job of camouflaging iPhone 4 as a iPhone 3GS, etc.  So, I would infer Apple did almost all of their “real-world” testing of iPhone 4 with a case on it.  Hum, no wonder the “software” (or as I would think the radio firmware) was tuned to work better with a case than without one.

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