I’ve been in Memphis for two weeks now finishing my last rotation at UT.  It is a strange but odd feeling. One might expect it to generally be filled with joy and excitement but in my case it is somewhat anti-climatic.  Similar to a made field-goal in football.  Filled with relief and satisfaction after a long and tense expectation of failure.

So, I’ve only two weeks left.  What am I doing with myself.  I will be studying radiology next week and then palliative care the following week.  I’ve settled on a specialty – Emergency Medicine.  It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to those who have been following my blog for the past year.  After immersing myself in wilderness medicine and then finishing up an Emergency Medicine rotation two weeks ago I finally figured out that it fits me – or I fit it.  Either way, I had a blast in the Emergency Department and learned a bunch.  It fits best in my future career plans and allows for the greatest flexibility.  

So, how is the finger?  It is great.  Today is exactly 1 and 1/2 months after the accident.  I really think healing has been greatly accelerated by a new product I’ve been taking that help reduce inflammation and overall health.  It is distributed by a company called Max International.  I started taking it about 2 weeks before the accident and then after thought – well, I’ll learn a lot about it. It is a glutathione supplement and after taking it and seeing the results – my anecdotal evidence matches their scientific findings (warning it is a pdf).

Day 11So, only ten days after the accident, I had up to 50% mobility and by 14 days I was up to 75%.  As soon as I removed the bandage I was able to type and at 14 days I was able to play the piano and do most everything including pull-ups.  Only thing I haven’t tried is guitar again.  Because of the scar tissue I cannot flex much beyond 80% but I’m continuing to work at it.  I’ve included pictures chronicling the healing of my precious pinky and then some of the last few weeks.

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