Occupational Medicine Residency

I am now in my 3rd month as an occupational medicine resident and it is everything I had hoped and more.  The transition from a naval flight surgeon to a resident has been quite the transition.  Unfortunately, the overused statement of  “going from a sprint on a treadmill to walk off it” is about what I just experienced.

Life as a flight surgeon was about the best possible thing I could imagine to begin my medical career.  I was able to

Life as a flight surgeon is great!
Life as a flight surgeon is great!

accomplish all my goals and many “nice to haves” while on active duty.  It was busy, rewarding and I made many friends that will last for a lifetime.  I did things I didn’t ever imagine doing and learned many things that I’ll utilize for the rest of my life.  If anyone would ask me if I would recommend it I would wholeheartedly say, “Yes!”

As a more practical note, the transition from a flight surgeon to occupational medicine resident was quite straightforward.  Many of the tasks I was doing daily have prepared me for everything I have seen in Occ Med.  Flight physicals, PHAs, FAA Medicals, etc really prepared me and as weird as it might sound I really enjoy continuing along this path.

As part of occupational medicine, I am required to get a Master’s of Public Health or an equivalent Master’s Degree.  My program at the University of Texas offers a Master’s of Environmental Science to their residents.  As part of this degree program I am taking Epidemiology, Soc/Behav Aspects Comm Health and Indust. Hygiene & Safety.  I am enjoying them and will post interesting information from each class in the near future.

Welcome back to my active blog.

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