A New Year; A New Resolution

Well, it is a new year and after successfully completing my resolution for last year, I’m shooting for another. Consistent updates to my blog. It is amazing how working ~80 hours a week makes you realize how much time is wasted in a given week. It helped me realize how so many things whittle away time in frivolous pursuits and make my new resolution for the year. Yes, I’m purposing to limit those activities and replace them with productive stuff (like writing (on this blog and other things), read non-junk stuff (sorry espn, not as many visit), etc.) I’ve had some great experiences over the last year and had many great memories. I’ve finally figured out what post-graduate training I want to do when I graduate and everything seems to be coming into a clearer focus.

The first task on my plate is for this weekend. I’m still running a really old version of Pivot and want to get it upgraded to the latest 2.1 beta. I’m using 2.0 on some other sites and really like what I see. Now for the hard part in upgrading my blog template for 2.x series.

Otherwise, for the first time this year – I’d like to say, “Welcome!” Stay tuned for updates about to my blog about my life and where I’ve been the last two years. Lots of writing material I hope you’ll find encouraging and interesting.

Welcome IE 7 users

It took a while to get it working, but my site now looks the same under IE 7, 6, Firefox and Safari. Turns out it was one line of code that needed to be fixed, but since I didn’t have IE7 on my computer, I had to install windows which is what took so long. Anyway, I’ll update next week sometime about my first year in med school and the up-coming second year.

New Look

Hey everyone! With a new place comes a new look. I hope everyone likes the new look, it is still a work in progress like my apartment but it is coming together. I’m sure you’ll be visiting more for the content then the links (the things that are mainly broken). I have so much to tell, it has been an incredible week. Stay tuned for more.

Redesign coming . . .

Just wanted to state a redesign is coming that will entail my current pursuit better. Stay tuned for the update and future plans for my life 🙂

iCal Events

One thing I really like about OS X is iCal. However, it is one thing I also really dislike. It takes much to long to open, especially considering my new computer, when I just want to check one event. Well, now I like iCal much more since all I have to do is look at iCal Events — a nice Dashboard Widget I just discovered. Take a look at it, I’m sure you’ll like it as much as I do.

Comments work . . .

Turns out my comments didn’t work because of an invalid post url causing all of my friends to get redirected to a spam poison website. Well, now if you want to comment and answer the silly question correctly (hint: fp) it will work.

Site Redesign!

Well, checking things off of the post mcat to-do list. The layout will be in a state of flux until I work out all the bugs. Let me know how you like the new design.

Music Links

I have started to place links to the music I listen to that cannot be found in most music stores. It is sorta cool, but still needs some work. For example, if you click on a song it will take you to the store that provides the music but you have no idea what album it is in. It doesn’t help much but is a start to see where I get much of my music.

What’s playing

So, finally linked my current iTunes status to my site. Might change the way it is displayed, but it is working!

Here is what is shown in the “What’s On?” block.

Recently played: