Last week

Brief post today. This week is the last week of block classes for my M1 year only 2 and 1/2 weeks left. Gotta hit the books!

Hum, just noticed something weird with my archives, all my old posts have the wrong year. Oh well, no time to figure out why.

Anyway, I was going to say something about school, but forgot what I was going to say. Hope that doesn’t happen next week during exams. Maybe I’ll post my physiology groups powerpoint after all presentations Thursday, only problem is next years class isn’t allow to look at it since it would be an honor code violation for them to look at it I’ll have to check with my group but ya’ll might find it interesting plus I really think the PPT looks cool. Maybe if I remove the conclusions. . .

Ten more weeks . . .

Yes, it’s hard to believe that in 10 weeks (including spring break) I’ll be done with my first year in medical school. Only one block left before we start our second year the 3rd week of April. Time has flown by. It’s really hard to believe. But that’s life in medical school.

This past week was spent taking exams, er, I should say this past week was spent study intermixed with 3 exams. Waking up this morning I felt like I should be studying or something. I felt like I wasn’t doing something right. Like I was getting behind. But no, not this morning.

I still woke up before 6am, but I slept in. Yep, I slept in until 5:20ish. It was really nice getting 8 hours of sleep and not having to study from 4am to 9pm. In a way, however, I really enjoy the studying. Yes, there is a disconnect with reality living like this; but, I’m not in reality right now. I’m in medical school. My purpose it to become a Doctor and that is what I’m doing. In 3 year, 3 months maybe I’ll get back to reality.

Oh wait, that is when I get to start residency. I guess I need to be catching up on life or something like that now.

Well, back to cleaning the Apartment and then to a friends house to play some games.

I’ll be posting more about life in medical school later.

Tidbits . . .

Almost every lecture has an interesting tidbit of information. For instance, yesterday I learned two interesting tidbits. First, I learned that grapefruit juice can enhance the effect of certain drugs metabolized by CYP3A4 (it does this by blocking the enzyme allowing more of the prescription drug to stay in circulation). Therefore, as future Doctors, we should keep this in mind and talk to patients about drinking grapefruit juice while taking prescription drugs metabolized by the CYP3A4 enzyme (over half of all prescription drugs today are metabolized by it). The other tidbit was on the lighter side . . .

Study tip: Turn off TV while you work

How not to study

The Wonder of our Creator

Many times it is hard to step back from our activities and realize our place in life. Aptly termed the “Tyranny of the Urgent”, in many cases, is what determines the course of our lives. Yet, there are times in that “tyranny” that we should step back and see the big picture. See God’s hand at work and how His creation is glorifying HIm.

During the first two weeks of this semester I studied molecular embryology, an incredibly interesting subject. One of the more interesting topics we covered was a gene called PAX. The PAX gene are a multi-gene family that is a group of 9 unlinked members found in both mice & humans that controls their development. This is often pointed to as as sequence conservation between homologues of distantly related species. That, in so many words, basically means the PAX gene is used as proof that we have a common ancestor.

The similarities between the mouse and human PAX genes is quite striking. Both have the same number (9 of them) and each controls development of similar aspects in humans and mice. It is a really incredible design how the PAX genes cause our cells to express different parts of our bodies from our eyes to feet. The PAX gene takes a set of cells that are all the same and notifies them where they are located in the developing mouse or human and controls the differentiation of those cells (what the cells become . . . eye, feet, etc).

The PAX gene really is an ingenious idea and sorta reminds me of the development of the semiconductor. Before the development of the semiconductor, all electronics were large, bulky and expensive. After the semiconductors development, our electronics have miniaturized to the point that now we have more computing power in our cell phones then the most powerful computers created before the development of semiconductors.

The reason I thought of semiconductors when studying the PAX gene maybe best explained by a cell phone and an iPod. If we were to tear each one apart we would see common design and control based on semiconductors. It would be easy to see that each, the cellphone and iPod, has developed advantages over a common ancestor. The cellphone for example evolved wireless capabilities making it able to easily communicate with others of it’s species. The iPod, on the other hand, developed a click wheel making it easy for it to communicate with other species. It quite obvious that both the cellphone and iPod are based on semiconductors and without the semiconductors they wouldn’t exist. Thus, it is easy to deduce that they must have had a common ancestor, i.e. something like an iPhone.

Because we know the history of the semiconductor, cellphone and iPod it would be absurd to assume they came from a distantly related iPhone. The semiconductor was a simple, elegant design that revolutionized the way man has designed everything (not just electronic). In the same way, why should our Creator come up with a new design to control our development. If something works well, why come up with different designs for mice and humans. The PAX gene is a wonderful example of a simple, elegant design that is reused, just like the semiconductor, in many different applications. The simple elegance of it is why I look at it as evidence of a common designer and not of a common ancestor.

“Definitive” proof global warming is true (Updated)

This is definitive proof that global warming is taking place somewhere else, at least it isn’t warming here in Memphis. We just got 1 and a quarter inches of snow. The funniest part is school has been closed. I don’t remember the last time I got a snow day and I had to move to Memphis to get it.


More pictures coming . . . They are posted. Checkout the snow images

An interesting perspective on Pride

Proverbs 26:7 & 9

Like the legs which are useless to the lame
and like a thorn which falls into the hand of a drunkard,
so is a proverb in the mouth of a fool.

Ok, so I took a little liberty with the verses by combining them, but it sure did help me understand it better. It is interesting how those to illustrations build on each other. First, what are legs to a lame person. The legs are just added weight, baggage, something that constantly gets in the lame persons way. The lame have no use for their legs. How about a thorn which falls into the hand of a drunkard? It lodges there, but does not bring about the appropriate response of pain and a corrective action. It is even possible the the drunkard would look at it and laugh about how they have something stuck in their hand and leave it.

What do these have in common, neither the legs or the thorn are bringing about their intended purpose – walking and pain. The same goes with a proverb in the mouth of a fool. He says the words, but there is no action taken from the pain brought about through the conviction of the proverb.

Most of us would concede to some extent we are prideful, but that there is nothing wrong with it. It is something we make excuses for by comparing ourselves to others and saying that we are justified in it. Prov. 26:12 really brings home how dangerous that attitude is about pride.
Prov. 26:12

Do you see a man wise in his own eyes?
There is more hope for a fool than for him.

Wow, worse than a fool. We really should humble ourselves and respond to the conviction (pain) brought about by God’s Word in our life and repent (turn and walk away from it).

What time is it?

It is really wired being so busy that the only time I realize it is almost Christmas is when I goto Church on Sunday and we sing Christmas hymns. One more week of classes and then exams.

After that, oh yeah, it’s Christmas.

By the way, did you know that if you get a really bad ear infection it is possible to loose some of your taste sensation. Also, loosing your sense of smell and not realizing it can make life seem really dull and not enjoyable. Along those lines, did you realize that you don’t normally smell something unless you “sniff.” Yes, sniffing has a purpose. It gets the smell up to your olfactory nerve endings in the roof of your nose right between your eyes. 🙂

About Me . . .

Ok, so I guess I should write a little about me. Hum, so where should Ipopup start?

I guess the best place to start is my faith. I became a follower of Jesus Christ at the age of 5 and was baptized soon afterwards. If you want to know why I chose to follow Christ, take this test, follow these steps and you’ll come to the same conclusion. Since then, I’ve been learning more each day what it means to follow Christ and have been growing in the faith, hope and love of my Lord.

Everything else about me is superfluous. I’m currently a medical student (pic) at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine supported by the U.S. Navy Health Profession Scholarship Program which is a fancy way of saying that I’m in the U.S. Navy (pic) and they are paying for my medical school.

Nothing much else except a lot of people don’t believe that I sleep in a hammock. Oh, almost forgot that the building in the background of my site is the “GEB” (General Education Building at UT) and is where I spend most of my day while in class.