IGEPv2 – It boots Android

Well, it took rebuilding my HTPC, countless forum post readings and finally just trying something to figure out installing Android on the board was quite easy.  I don’t have any pictures or anything, just search Google for a video of the IGEPv2 booting.  Mine doesn’t look much different.  I’ll have to say it isn’t worth much right now since the current kernel doesn’t have wifi enabled – my next project after Step 2 CS next Monday. 

The process of installing it was quite simple.  I just used Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit by following the instructions on the Andoid dev page for compiling on a 64-bit machine.  Once that was all setup, I went to Project Rowboat, downloaded donut and compiled it.  Used the same tool-chain from the Rowboat project to compile the kernel for it and prepared the card as suggested on the Ubuntu Wiki page at http://wiki.myigep.com/.  Inserted the MicroSD card and waited for about 5-10 seconds before the Android logo appeared it booted.  Very simple, yet very obtuse finding the instructions.

Along those lines, I also built and installed Ubuntu 9.10 on it.  The performance was a bit sluggish compared to android which just flew.  I’ll have to play around to figure out what OS I’ll end up with but given I want it in the car and I’m ultra familiar with Java, I’m leaning to Android.  When I get a chance I’ll post pictures.

Back to the grind . . .

Well, it was nice having a change of pace this last week. There are so many things I learned and experienced, probably the funniest of which is that a doctor doesn’t say “Oh, wow!” or “Uh, oh.” Needless to say, I didn’t say “uh, oh” but I did have my fair share of “Oh, wow!”

It is incredible all the little things that doctors do every time they see us that we take for granted. I guess that is part of being an M1, you get to learn all those little things, especially not to say “Oh, wow!” ;-)