Friendly Advice

If you ever need to get a Hep B vaccination make sure you don’t do it right after you spend a day with your preceptor. Two weeks ago, after spending the day with my preceptor and seeing several patients with the flu and colds, the next day I got the last shot in the Hep B vaccination series. Didn’t think anything about it until Sunday morning when I woke-up with the flu. To compound things, I drove home for my mother’s birthday that weekend and wasn’t in any condition to drive back until the following week. At that point I didn’t want to miss a day of studying so I waited until yesterday to drive back (only two lectures that day).

Definitely made for an interesting first week of the block. Now to catchup on all of this weeks material after getting a slow start last week.

Good thing spring break is just a week away (extra week to study without classes).