Music Links

I have started to place links to the music I listen to that cannot be found in most music stores. It is sorta cool, but still needs some work. For example, if you click on a song it will take you to the store that provides the music but you have no idea what album it is in. It doesn’t help much but is a start to see where I get much of my music.

IRS Snoopy

Yesterday a friend told me about a great Peanuts comic strip dealing with the IRS. Immediately I went to Google and started searching for the strip. Well, after several tries, I hit upon Snoopy IRS.

I think the best copy of the strip is located here
One of the more interesting tidbits I discovered about this strip is it is actually an Urban Legend. In one of my searches, I discovered a Peanuts FAQ. Question 3.10 of the FAQ asks “Where can I find that great IRS Peanuts strip?” which I thought was the answer to my question. The answer I found, however, actually tells of the origins of the “Snoopy IRS” comic strips as a modified Peanuts strip with the text Snoopy says changed. According to the FAQ the author of the parody is unknown which is why it has become attributed to Charles Shultz. No matter who wrote it, I still think it is a great strip!

What’s playing

So, finally linked my current iTunes status to my site. Might change the way it is displayed, but it is working!

Here is what is shown in the “What’s On?” block.

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April 16th, the day everything has been building for since Jan. So much has been happening lately. It is incredible how quickly life can change. Dreams fulfilled, burdens lifted; everything seemingly happening at once. Recently the importance of several character qualities has really become apparent. It is incredible how often life events make seemingly abstract ideas become concrete. How a slight words spoken in jest or actions required for advancement completely change our outlook.

On another note, a really cool quote I heard in a seminar has given me pause for thought.

“The enemy is in front of us. The enemy is behind us. The enemy is to the right and to the left of us. They can’t get away this time!” – Gen. Douglas MacArthur