Just so you know I’m still around, I’m just a bit disconnected right now through the end May. Have a 60 question “Assessment” (i.e. combined quiz in all four of the classes) tomorrow and another one a week from Monday or the 21st. Then two weeks (29th) from next Tuesday we have our first block exam of the second year (200 question, four hours to complete it). After that, then I can start thinking about the summer. Until then must learn – Amoxicillin, Pipercillin, Imipenem and many more.

Last week

Brief post today. This week is the last week of block classes for my M1 year only 2 and 1/2 weeks left. Gotta hit the books!

Hum, just noticed something weird with my archives, all my old posts have the wrong year. Oh well, no time to figure out why.

Anyway, I was going to say something about school, but forgot what I was going to say. Hope that doesn’t happen next week during exams. Maybe I’ll post my physiology groups powerpoint after all presentations Thursday, only problem is next years class isn’t allow to look at it since it would be an honor code violation for them to look at it I’ll have to check with my group but ya’ll might find it interesting plus I really think the PPT looks cool. Maybe if I remove the conclusions. . .

Ten more weeks . . .

Yes, it’s hard to believe that in 10 weeks (including spring break) I’ll be done with my first year in medical school. Only one block left before we start our second year the 3rd week of April. Time has flown by. It’s really hard to believe. But that’s life in medical school.

This past week was spent taking exams, er, I should say this past week was spent study intermixed with 3 exams. Waking up this morning I felt like I should be studying or something. I felt like I wasn’t doing something right. Like I was getting behind. But no, not this morning.

I still woke up before 6am, but I slept in. Yep, I slept in until 5:20ish. It was really nice getting 8 hours of sleep and not having to study from 4am to 9pm. In a way, however, I really enjoy the studying. Yes, there is a disconnect with reality living like this; but, I’m not in reality right now. I’m in medical school. My purpose it to become a Doctor and that is what I’m doing. In 3 year, 3 months maybe I’ll get back to reality.

Oh wait, that is when I get to start residency. I guess I need to be catching up on life or something like that now.

Well, back to cleaning the Apartment and then to a friends house to play some games.

I’ll be posting more about life in medical school later.