WMS Day 12 – Knoxville

LecturesAlmost a day of rest with no scenarios – but a day of constant activity.  We left camp at 8 am and drove to the University of Tennessee (UT) Medical Center in Knoxville (UTMCK).   We spent the morning in the Graduate School of Medicine Family Medicine conference room treated to donuts, orange juice and coffee.  We had three short lectures regarding group travel and emergency medicine finishing off with a visit to UT Lifestar helicopter.

All of us with the crew

After seeing Lifestar we went to RiverSports Inc. for a treat of a free 2-hour climb in their climbing gym.  It was great climbing for “real” for the first time.  I was really amazed watching some of the climbers.  Many of the holds were really difficult.  

Finally about half of us went over to my parents house for some good home cooking and to watch the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics.  Another good day and looking forward to our days off.

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